Ophthalmologic Clinic “New Technology-MaGo” offers unprecedented restoration of the vision, unique technique, after one hour using MaGoTherapy without surgery and medicine.

About Clinic
Author of MaGotherapy and head of the clinic
Our mission is to Treat Patients and not the Disease!
There are lots of diseases and each person has different type of development of disease, as each person has individual organism with inexhaustible resources and these resources are different in each person.
Considering that each surgical and medical treatment always is accompanied by risk, allergy, side effects, complications and so forth, our mission contains no medicine and surgery, only physiological method that discovers and restores hidden resources of the organism!
Most importantly, our patient is our guarantee!
Only in our clinic, at the moment of first inspection with authorized method we offer prognosis (97% of accuracy), to what extent vision will increase after MaGotherapy treatment.
One hour after testing with MaGotherapy method, the patient feels increased visual acuity (or decrease of the amplitude of nystagmus, decrease of strabismus corner and so forth). Based on his/her subjective and objective indices, we make mutual decision to continue treatment, which means securing of achieved results every day during 5 to 10 days.
Based on physiological and painless nature of the method, we treat patients from infancy to extreme oldness. 

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