Ophthalmologic Clinic “New Technology-MaGo” offers unprecedented restoration of the vision, unique technique, after one hour using MaGoTherapy without surgery and medicine.

About Clinic
Author of MaGotherapy and head of the clinic
About Clinic
Only in our clinic! Without surgery and medicines!
RESTORATION OF EYESIGHT IN ONE HOUR AFTER MAGOTHERAPY! Only in our clinic, unlike other methods of treatment, we practice new, exclusive, physiological method – MaGotherapy.
We offer treatment of the diseases, curing of which is practically impossible with existing methods, such diseases are: Amblyopia, Nystagmus, Astigmatism, Myopia, Glaucoma, hypermetropia, Atrophic-Dystrophy processes of Retina, etc.
H O W    W E    D I F F E R    F R O M    O T H E R    C L I N I C S ?
Analysis of long-standing scientific research, conducted since 1998 under supervision of Academician S. N. Fyedorov gave the right to admit that SPECTACLES ARE CRUTCHES FOR EYES, that help to see BETTER and move, but do not treat eyes and frequently offer “disservice”, since, in the course of time, the number of eyeglasses increases, and eyesight decreases!
We realize well the REVOLUTIONARISM of our statement, as we declare a war against the great army of manufacturers of spectacles, lens and frames. At the same time, we destroy stereotypes and struggle against conservatism of colleagues, what is not an easy task, believe me, and it takes long time. But doctor has no right to treat, if knows that it will harm patient! Since, the main postulate of Hippocratic Oath is -DO NOT HARM!
That is why, we are still eager to help you! Since time will put everything in its place. Our victory is our patients.
Positive results received after MaGotherapy treatment, are stable during 10-15 years. This is confirmed by scientific, photo and video materials. 
Particularly because we reveal and then restore hidden resources of the organism, during treatment with MaGotherapy,  the patient’s age, duration or etiology of the disease are of no importance.
 MaGotherapy is a completely physiological method.
- MaGotherapy  completely excludes any surgery and medicines during treatment, therefore any complications, risk, side effects, allergy and so forth, are absolutely excluded. We are absolutely responsible for it
- MaGotherapy due to its safety, painlessness and simplicity of application is administered to patients from infancy to extreme old age.
- MaGotherapy is also effective for the patients, who had unsuccessful eye operations of different pathologies
- MaGotherapy method allows making 97% accuracy prognosis about the result of treatment upon the first examination via testing
- In one hour after MaGotherapy, the patient’s eyesight increases
- Using new MaGotherapy technology, vision improvement is achieved in 85% of cases and total vision restoration - in 56% of cases.
- During treatment of Myopia, Hypermetropia, and Astigmatism, not only improves the eyesight, but also decreases refraction of eye, slows down or stops progress of disease in 49% of the cases.
- Neither the patient's age, nor the disease or its duration affect the result of MaGotherapy treatment 
- After MaGotherapy treatment, spectacles and contact lens are not used.
- MaGotherapy completely decreases visual fatigue (computer syndrome of the eye)
- Based on physiological nature of treatment, MaGotherapy can be used with various, 3-6-9 month intervals, to achieve satisfactory results. 
- Treatment with MaGotherapy method is carried out out-patiently (minimum 5- maximum 10 days, on a daily basis) and there is no need for hospitalization.

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